A Modern Day Historical Weapon


Whether you’re an amateur or a professional hunter, there is one piece of equipment that requires your utmost attention and savvy: the bow.

Characteristics of a quality bow

First and foremost, it must make the minimum amount of noise. There is nothing more nerve breaking than having your prey run away as a result of the clang generated when drawing, especially after a long tracking session. Completely avoid this situation by using a silent hunting bow.

What makes a bow noise free? It must be perfectly attuned, most of all. Then, its limbs have to be made out of special noise free materials. Other elements such as dampers participate in silencing the bow.

The quietness of the bow is not the only criteria. Drawing strength is a very important detail to take into consideration. The minimum weight is 40 pounds. This is essential because the arrow has to be able to pierce and penetrate the desired prey to a certain depth. If you don’t respect this rule you might end up only superficially injuring the target animal without putting its life to an end. This can happen chiefly when shooting from a distance equal or larger than 16 yards.

Another thing to pay attention to is your ability to handle the weight of the bow. During hunting activities, there are frequent situations when you must draw and maintain that physically demanding position for rather long moments of time prior to letting go and firing. In case your muscles get tired, as a result of the exaggerated weight, your arms will begin shaking, therefore denying your aiming abilities. How can you find out the ideal draw weight? It’s as simple as going for 40 to 45 pounds if you are a beginner, more than 45 if you are experienced or if you have powerful upper back musculature. In case you are small framed, try not to exceed the 40 pound threshold. No matter what category you’re in, I can only assure you that you will certainly improve in due time.

How long a bow should be is another good question to ask. It is known that the accuracy of the shots is directly proportional to the length of the bow. The minimum distance from head to tail is no more or less than 58 inches. For all your hunting needs including boots or clothing, feel free to go here http://jennyswesternproducts.com/product-category/attire/ 

The issue of transport comes to mind. Getting a big bow from one point to another can rapidly become problematic if you don’t have an exceedingly spacious car. Behold, the takedown bow. It can be rapidly unscrewed, easing the transport.

There you have it, the bare minimum of what you need to know about bows, especially if you’re just starting out.

While You Watch The Whales!

Watching some of the most magnificent sea creatures could be an experience of a lifetime. Yes, you guessed it right; we are talking about watching the whales!

Watching whales could be an activity that would really thrill you. So, before you go on that journey it would be good if you know what to expect and what not to.

Things to do:

  1. If you are going on a trip to watch the whales, always choose a very reputable company. Because these trips are expensive and you would definitely want something that is worth every dollar you spend. Research never lets you down, so get a good research done.
  2. Get a weather check. However much you love adventure, watching the whales on a rough day when the sea is going crazy would not be a great idea. Although most well-known operators would not go out on a rough day, but if you think you are scared of water or have motion sickness, then choose the calmest day. This would ensure that your trip remains pleasurable.
  3. Do a research on the sightings, whales are after all animals and there is no guarantee. Although the most reputed tour operators give a guarantee, but it would still be better to know where the whales have been spotted, their species and the number.
  4. A trip for whale watching at Warrnambool or watch the majestic creatures mean a whole day at sea. So pack accordingly. Wear comfortable clothes mostly layers as the temperature could be a bit cooler and there could be showers. Shoes should be boots or something covered and wear lots of sunscreen.
  5. If you think you could have motion sickness, consult a doctor and get some medicine. These kinds of trips are really long, so if you are feeling sick, the entire watching could be ruined. Take the medicine 30 minutes prior to the trip, so that you do not end up sick.
  6. Punctuality will only help you start your tour in a relaxed way. Get there on time.
  7. Get a high end camera. These experiences would last a lifetime if you capture them properly on a great camera. The camera must be able to capture things even in high speed.
  8. Go with an open mind. Whales are animals, and the same animals will not be sighted every day and they would not be performing exotic stances everyday every time. The pictures on the website come from years of sightings and they are the best of the collection. So, do not get disappointed if you do not see a particular species or a certain number of whales. It is important to enjoy the entire experience and appreciate every moment of the tour, rather than cribbing about what you expected.

Go ahead and watch the whales at their natural best!